Money: From Ancient Salt Bars to Bitcoin

Old money

Hello there, financial explorers! Sofi Abdurahman here, ready to whisk you away on an exciting journey through time and money – all the way from the ancient salt bars of Ethiopia to the digital frontiers of Bitcoin. Are you buckled up? Good! In the vast landscape of finance, nothing has been quite as revolutionary or … Read more

AI Deciphers Ancient Mesopotamian Scripts

Step aside, Indiana Jones! There’s a new explorer in town, and it’s got a knack for ancient languages. In an unprecedented breakthrough, a team of archaeologists and computer scientists have empowered an AI to decode and translate cuneiform tablets—the ancient clay tablets that hold the secrets of Mesopotamian civilization. Yes, you heard that right! AI … Read more

How Tech Skills Can Beef Up Your Bank Account

In a world that’s rapidly embracing technology, coding skills are worth their weight in gold. But did you know that they can also add some real gold to your bank account? Yes! Leveraging your tech skills can not only satisfy the geek within but can also pave a solid path to financial prosperity. Whether you’re … Read more

Exploring Side Hustles for Extra Income

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In an ever-evolving economic landscape, the term “gig economy” has been bandied around with increasing frequency. But what exactly does it entail? Essentially, the gig economy is an ecosystem where temporary, flexible jobs are the norm, and companies tend to hire independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees. This trend has been on the … Read more

How FinTech is Bridging the Gap for Underbanked Communities

Above view of woman sending money to friend online using mobile bank

In a world where financial transactions and money management have become integral facets of daily life, it’s astounding to realize that a substantial portion of the global population remains underbanked or even unbanked. These individuals often find themselves on the fringes of the financial system, unable to access essential services such as loans, savings accounts, … Read more

Comparing Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

person holding silver bitcoin coin

Cryptocurrency has emerged from the shadowy fringes of the digital world to become a force to be reckoned with in mainstream finance. As a result, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges has also proliferated. For investors, the sheer volume of choices can be bewildering. This guide aims to untangle that knot by comparing four major players … Read more

10 Hot New Businesses to Start in 2023

Young creative woman sharing new business ideas with her friend

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling entrepreneurial journey? If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business but are unsure where to begin, we’ve got you covered. In this exciting post, we’ll unveil 10 hot new business ideas that are poised to make a splash this year. From innovative tech ventures to sustainable … Read more

Teaching Kids About Cybersecurity

Smiling mom helping her son doing homework studying online using laptop in home

In today’s technologically driven world, children are growing up with devices in their hands. While the internet has opened up a plethora of educational and entertainment options for kids, it has also exposed them to various cybersecurity risks. As parents, guardians, and educators, it is our responsibility to teach the next generation about the importance … Read more

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft on Social Media

Using Social Media securely

In the digital age, social media platforms have become a central part of our daily lives. We use them to connect with friends, share experiences, and stay updated on news and events. However, with the convenience and connectedness that social media offers, it also poses risks to our personal security, particularly identity theft. In this … Read more

The Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

phishing scam

Phishing attacks are one of the most common and dangerous types of cyber threats that can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and unauthorized data access. The term “phishing” is derived from the word “fishing” as it is akin to throwing a baited hook out there and hoping someone bites. In this post, we will … Read more

AI and the Gig Economy: A Recipe for Disaster?

Courier delivering fresh lunches to a young business woman on a bicycle with thermal backpack.

AI’s integration into the gig economy is a complex issue, presenting both opportunities and challenges. While it’s clear that this powerful combination can increase efficiency and provide flexibility, it’s equally evident that it can lead to income instability and potential exploitation. Balancing these competing interests is a difficult task, one that will likely require a combination of technological innovation, regulatory insight, and social dialogue. As AI continues to reshape our economy, we must ensure that it serves not only corporate interests but also the needs of the workforce that makes it possible.

Wealth Management 101: Strategies for the New-Age Investor

man using the computer

Wealth management, at its core, is the art and science of making, saving, and growing money. While the basics of this discipline have remained relatively consistent over time, the rapid advancements of technology and evolution of financial markets have changed the landscape considerably. Today’s new-age investors must grapple not only with traditional investment vehicles but … Read more

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

a brain on an ai chip

While AI will undoubtedly reshape the labor market, it’s not all doom and gloom. As history has repeatedly shown, technology often eliminates jobs but also creates new ones. By staying flexible, continually learning, and embracing change, you can ride the wave of AI and find new opportunities for your career in the future of work.

Sage: A Seasoned Solution for Today’s Entrepreneurs

screenshot of Sage Us

Sage, the clear market leader in integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a British startup in 1981. With an illustrious history that reflects the spirit of entrepreneurship, Sage’s evolution from helping a small print business to being listed on the London Stock Exchange with a … Read more

Crypto Retirement: Unlocking the Future with BitcoinIRA

BitcoinIRA is a trusted platform that allows investors to roll over their existing IRA or 401(k) into a self-directed IRA, enabling investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets. BitcoinIRA offers a comprehensive solution for planning your crypto retirement with secure storage solutions, transparent pricing, and a 24/7 trading platform. By partnering with BitcoinIRA, investors can mitigate risks and leverage the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Mortgages: A Revolution on the Horizon?

When we talk about revolutions in the financial sector, few developments are as impactful as Decentralized Finance, or DeFi. Built on the robust foundation of blockchain technology, DeFi has begun to reshape numerous aspects of finance, from the way we bank to the way we trade. One area of finance that’s ripe for disruption is … Read more

Navigating the Metaverse: The Future of Real Estate Investment?

Investing in digital universe, real estate.

In the blink of an eye, virtual reality (VR) technologies have leaped from the realms of science fiction into our everyday lives, transforming the way we work, play, and socialize. One of the most fascinating developments in this digital revolution is the concept of the ‘metaverse’: a virtual universe that parallels our physical world. As … Read more

Navigating the Skies: Comparing Popular Airline Mileage Plans

Girl holding credit card and airplane tickets that she bought on sale

Frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts often find themselves seeking ways to maximize their benefits and rewards while jet-setting around the globe. Airline mileage plans have become a key component in this quest, offering travelers the opportunity to earn and redeem miles for flights, upgrades, and other perks. In this article, we will compare and contrast … Read more

BitcoinIRA Review: Empowering Crypto Retirement with Secure Investments

BitcoinIRA has emerged as a prominent platform in the realm of crypto retirement, offering investors the opportunity to roll over their IRAs and 401ks into tax-advantaged Bitcoin and crypto IRAs. With the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum revolutionizing investment practices, BitcoinIRA aims to provide a secure and accessible solution for individuals seeking to … Read more

Investing in Green Tech: Opportunities in the Fight Against Climate Change

a leaf growing from a laptop

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time, and finding solutions to mitigate its effects has become a global priority. As a result, green technology, or “green tech”, has emerged as a rapidly growing sector filled with promising investment opportunities. Green tech encompasses a wide range of innovative technologies aimed at … Read more