Sustainable Grocery Shopping: The Benefits Of Buying Local

Sustainable grocery shopping is a growing trend that can benefit both consumers and the environment. In this post, we will explore the benefits of buying local produce and how it can help reduce carbon emissions, support local farmers, and provide fresher and healthier food options. When we shop locally, we are supporting our local economy … Read more

Tips For Bargain Hunting At Farmers Markets

Affordable fresh produce is essential for a healthy diet, but it can be difficult to find affordable options at grocery stores. This is where farmers markets come in handy! By visiting local farmers markets, you can support your community and get fresh produce at bargain prices. Here are some tips on how to make the … Read more

Microfinance And Social Enterprise Investing

In today’s globalized economy, businesses are increasingly aware of their social and environmental responsibilities. However, traditional investment strategies may not always align with socially responsible practices. Microfinance and social enterprise investing are alternatives that provide both financial returns and positive impact on communities. These investments can help maximize profitability while also supporting sustainable development goals. … Read more

Balancing Passion Projects With The Demands Of Late Capitalism

One of the biggest struggles in today’s world is finding time to pursue our passions while still meeting the demands of late capitalism. In a society where financial stability is often tied to long hours at work, it can be challenging to prioritize our personal projects and hobbies. However, having a strong sense of purpose … Read more

Starting an Inclusive Artistic Community

Embracing inclusivity in artistic communities is essential for building thriving and supportive spaces where every voice matters.

The Power of Microfinance in Developing Communities

Microfinance refers to small loans, savings accounts, and other financial services provided to people who are traditionally excluded from mainstream financial institutions. The goal of microfinance is to help individuals or groups lift themselves out of poverty by creating their own economic opportunities. Microfinance can provide access to credit, savings, and insurance services that can … Read more

Establishing Boundaries & Trust for financial solidarity

Establishing boundaries and trust are essential for financial solidarity within a relationship. We will explore the importance of setting financial goals, communicating openly about money matters, and establishing mutual respect to build a strong foundation for financial stability. The first step towards financial solidarity is setting clear and achievable financial goals. This could include anything … Read more

How the Sharing Economy Can Sustain Both Economic Growth and Environmental Protection

The sharing economy is a model of consumption that involves the sharing of resources or assets between individuals, rather than owning them outright. This can include everything from ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft to home-sharing platforms like Airbnb. The idea behind the sharing economy is to offer an alternative to traditional consumerism, which is … Read more

Cannabis and Diversity: Breaking Barriers in the Industry

Cannabis industry is on the rise and growing rapidly. However, there are still barriers to entry for minority groups seeking to enter the industry. The aim of this post is to highlight some of these challenges and discuss ways to overcome them. One significant challenge faced by minorities in the cannabis industry is access to … Read more

Microfinance and Solidarity

financial solidarity

From the bustling street markets of Bangladesh to the vibrant farming communities in Uganda, people around the world are harnessing the power of collective financial resilience to transform their lives. They are participants in an empowering movement known as microfinance, which is redefining economic landscapes, stimulating entrepreneurship, and fostering shared prosperity. At the intersection of … Read more

Echoes of a Shared Past: The Untold Stories of Nahuas and Spaniards

In the vast tapestry of history, the threads of individual lives often weave together in ways that official records can hardly capture. The colonial period in Mexico, a time of profound transformation and tumultuous relationships, offers a rich backdrop against which countless personal stories unfolded. Drawing from the intriguing insights provided by Pedro de Arenas’ … Read more

Overcoming the Benefits Cliff & Building Financial Resilience

Navigating the precarious tightrope of financial security is a journey fraught with challenges, particularly for those teetering on the edge of the benefits cliff. This metaphorical cliff represents the point where a slight increase in income results in the disproportionate loss of public assistance, often leaving individuals and families worse off than before. It’s a … Read more

Unlocking Creativity in the Classroom

Explore the transformative role of the Atelierista in Reggio Emilia primary schools, where creativity meets education to cultivate a thriving environment for young learners.

Promoting Financial Literacy in the Trans Community

In a world where financial literacy is key to empowerment, the trans community often faces unique challenges and barriers. From navigating name changes on legal documents to dealing with employment discrimination, the path to economic equity for trans individuals can be fraught with obstacles. Yet, financial literacy is a powerful tool in our arsenal – … Read more

Predatory Fees Prey on the Incarcerated and Their Families

In today’s digital era, where a call or message to a loved one is just a tap away, it’s a harsh reality that for families of the incarcerated, staying connected is a luxury they often can’t afford. Behind the cold walls of correctional facilities, a predatory system thrives, turning basic communication into a financial nightmare. … Read more

A Practical Guide to Collective Money Management

together we win

Cooperative finance is built on the fundamental principle of mutual aid. In essence, it is a system of financial management where individuals come together, pool resources, share risks, and collaboratively make decisions on how to grow their funds

Free Ways to Boost Your Personal Finance Skills

Hey there, adventurers in finance! It’s Juniper Denali here, your guide through the mystical forest of personal finance. Now, you might know me as the polyamory pundit or the ’90s nostalgia nerd, but today, I’m donning a different hat (or should I say, a different calculator?). In our communal cabin in Northern California, where love … Read more

The Changing Role of Wealth for Millennials

The way money is handled and passed down has seen significant social changes over the past few generations, reflecting broader shifts in values, technology, and economic landscapes. Traditionally, wealth transfer was straightforward, often staying within the family through inheritances and estates. However, recent generations have witnessed a shift towards more diverse and complex methods of … Read more

The James Baldwin Century

Celebrate James Baldwin’s 100th year with a deep dive into his enduring legacy. Discover how his life and works inspire financial independence and artistic integrity in the LGBTQ+ community.

Managing Money in Multi-Partner Relationships

Navigating the intricate dynamics of polyamory extends beyond the emotional and relational realms – it also encompasses the practical, particularly in the realm of finance. Managing money in multi-partner relationships offers a unique set of challenges and opportunities, requiring a level of transparency, communication, and flexibility that may not be as pronounced in monogamous setups. … Read more