How To Show Encouragement To Others?

In a world driven by ambition, competition, and constant flux, we often overlook a simple yet profound act – offering encouragement. While the importance of technical skills, knowledge, and practicality cannot be denied, the potency of a kind word or a supportive gesture remains unmatched. Drawing from my background in financial psychology and personal experiences, … Read more

Love and Money: Financial Discussions with Your Partner

It’s often said that love and money are the two most debated topics around the world. When intertwined in a relationship, they can either lay the foundation for mutual growth or become a point of contention. Financial disagreements can bring underlying fears and insecurities to the forefront, muddying the waters of even the most harmonious … Read more

How to Right Generational Money Beliefs

Whispered words from grandparents, off-handed comments from parents, the barely audible sighs during bill-paying nights—generations past unknowingly impart their financial lessons in these fleeting moments. While some of these lessons serve as sturdy stepping stones, others might feel more like stumbling blocks. Many of us have inherited a tapestry of generational money beliefs, woven with … Read more

What does Financial Infidelity Mean?

Focus on stressed angry young couple sitting separate on couch. Unhappy marriage after argue quarrel between spouses

In love and relationships, trust is the music that guides the rhythm and flow. It’s the unspoken understanding that two partners are working in harmony, aligning their steps, and moving towards shared goals. But what happens when the music falters, and a partner strays from the agreed-upon path? In the realm of money management, this … Read more

10 Financial Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In Together

moving in together finances

Taking that significant step of moving in together is a thrilling leap of faith that blends emotions, lives, and of course, finances. It’s a venture into uncharted waters, filled with the joy of sharing space and the complexity of intertwining monetary matters. It’s about love and trust, but also about dollars and cents. These intricate … Read more

Introduction to Ecstatic Dance

In a world where many of us lead increasingly sedentary lives, tied to our screens and confined by routines, the primal joy of movement can feel like a lost art. Ecstatic Dance offers a rediscovery of that joy, a chance to reconnect with our bodies, minds, and emotions through the unbridled power of dance. But … Read more

Behavioral Economics: The Human Quirk in Financial Decisions

Behavioral economics pulls back the curtain on the irrational ways we often handle money. We’ll unravel the mysteries of human behavior in economic decisions, enriching readers’ understanding of why we often act against our financial best interests. At times perplexing, often downright baffling, the mental pathways we take in making financial choices can be a … Read more

The Case for Open Salary Disclosure

getting salary in envelope at office

In the convoluted landscape of modern business, salary negotiations and compensations are often shrouded in secrecy, treated almost as taboos. While some argue that keeping salaries under wraps protects individual privacy, a growing movement pushes for open salary disclosure as a pathway to equity and fairness. As a financial psychologist who often delves into the … Read more

Money, Emotions and Single Parenting

Single Parenting

We are often told that money and emotions should never mix. But in reality, our finances and feelings are so intricately linked that trying to separate them is like trying to separate the colours in a sunset. It’s particularly true for single parents who bear the financial responsibilities alone while also shouldering the emotional wellbeing … Read more

A Practical Guide to Collective Money Management

Kitten and puppy look at a pile of money

In the vast cosmos of financial management, there’s a star system that’s often overlooked but offers incredible possibilities. It’s called Cooperative Finance. Unlike the solitary journey of personal finance, cooperative finance navigates a communal course, turning money management into a collective effort. In the spirit of ‘unity is strength,’ this financial philosophy thrives on shared … Read more

How to Save for Your Group Vacation

friends on vacation

We’ve all been there: you and your friends fantasizing about a dream vacation together, exploring exotic places, creating memorable adventures, and strengthening the bonds of your friendship. But when it comes to turning those fantasies into reality, financial matters often pose a formidable challenge. However, with early planning and strategic saving, you can make your … Read more

Dear Dad, Send Money

The Timeless Tale of Students Begging Parents for Cash Oh, the tales we hear of university students surviving on ramen noodles and dreams of graduation. From the sounds of it, you’d think it’s a modern-day crisis, born from our economic climate, a symptom of skyrocketing tuition fees and stagnant wages. Well, dear readers, buckle up … Read more