Love and Money: Financial Discussions with Your Partner

It’s often said that love and money are the two most debated topics around the world. When intertwined in a relationship, they can either lay the foundation for mutual growth or become a point of contention. Financial disagreements can bring underlying fears and insecurities to the forefront, muddying the waters of even the most harmonious … Read more

How to Right Generational Money Beliefs

Whispered words from grandparents, off-handed comments from parents, the barely audible sighs during bill-paying nights—generations past unknowingly impart their financial lessons in these fleeting moments. While some of these lessons serve as sturdy stepping stones, others might feel more like stumbling blocks. Many of us have inherited a tapestry of generational money beliefs, woven with … Read more

The Gen Z Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ryleigh Ramey, co-owner of Tanglefoot Creamery, prepares Fruity Pebbles rolled ice cream at her store in Festus

In an age where many young adults fantasize about their first set of wheels or the allure of tattoos, Ryleigh Ramey of Festus has always been fueled by a different passion. Her aspiration? Carving out her entrepreneurial path. Thus emerged Tanglefoot Creamery, the only destination in Festus for the delight of rolled ice cream. Although … Read more

LGBTQ+ Financial Inclusion: Beyond the Rainbow

In a world that’s progressively accepting diverse identities and orientations, one might wonder: Are we doing enough to make sure that acceptance translates to every facet of life? Especially in sectors like finance where traditionally, only a few voices were heard? As an individual deeply rooted in finance and wealth management, I, Anika Patel, intend … Read more

What is your Biggest Personal Finance Problem?

We asked our readers to suggest the biggest personal finance issues they face. Here are some of the comments: “I completely understand the struggle of managing personal finances. With rising prices and stagnant incomes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. One of the biggest problems I face is budgeting. Despite my best efforts, … Read more

What does Financial Infidelity Mean?

Focus on stressed angry young couple sitting separate on couch. Unhappy marriage after argue quarrel between spouses

In love and relationships, trust is the music that guides the rhythm and flow. It’s the unspoken understanding that two partners are working in harmony, aligning their steps, and moving towards shared goals. But what happens when the music falters, and a partner strays from the agreed-upon path? In the realm of money management, this … Read more

10 Financial Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In Together

moving in together finances

Taking that significant step of moving in together is a thrilling leap of faith that blends emotions, lives, and of course, finances. It’s a venture into uncharted waters, filled with the joy of sharing space and the complexity of intertwining monetary matters. It’s about love and trust, but also about dollars and cents. These intricate … Read more

Behavioral Economics: The Human Quirk in Financial Decisions

Behavioral economics pulls back the curtain on the irrational ways we often handle money. We’ll unravel the mysteries of human behavior in economic decisions, enriching readers’ understanding of why we often act against our financial best interests. At times perplexing, often downright baffling, the mental pathways we take in making financial choices can be a … Read more

Making Major Purchases Without Sinking into Debt

Couple Carrying Big Box Purchase Into House

The financial landscape is filled with unforeseen obstacles and treacherous terrains. A recent report reveals that 55% of Americans find themselves ill-prepared to cover major expenses, such as emergency home repairs or splurging on the latest tech gadget. The struggle is real and resonates with many of us, including myself. This predicament often arises when … Read more

The Case for Open Salary Disclosure

getting salary in envelope at office

In the convoluted landscape of modern business, salary negotiations and compensations are often shrouded in secrecy, treated almost as taboos. While some argue that keeping salaries under wraps protects individual privacy, a growing movement pushes for open salary disclosure as a pathway to equity and fairness. As a financial psychologist who often delves into the … Read more

10 Practical Money-Saving Hacks for Everyday Life

Let’s begin a little journey, you and I, walking through the vibrant streets of Addis Ababa. Notice the colorful market stalls, each one brimming with fragrant spices, fresh produce, and skillfully crafted wares. This isn’t just a typical market scene; it’s a vibrant tapestry of age-old wisdom on saving and spending. Money, like water, must … Read more

Money, Emotions and Single Parenting

Single Parenting

We are often told that money and emotions should never mix. But in reality, our finances and feelings are so intricately linked that trying to separate them is like trying to separate the colours in a sunset. It’s particularly true for single parents who bear the financial responsibilities alone while also shouldering the emotional wellbeing … Read more