Introducing Your Kids to the World of Cryptocurrency

Father teaches little son to drive

Cryptocurrency, once a term relegated to tech circles and financial enthusiasts, has found its way into mainstream conversation. With the digital age in full swing, today’s children are set to inherit a world where virtual currencies might be as common as traditional fiat money. As parents and guardians, paving the way for financial literacy in … Read more

LGBTQ+ Financial Inclusion: Beyond the Rainbow

In a world that’s progressively accepting diverse identities and orientations, one might wonder: Are we doing enough to make sure that acceptance translates to every facet of life? Especially in sectors like finance where traditionally, only a few voices were heard? As an individual deeply rooted in finance and wealth management, I, Anika Patel, intend … Read more

Building Solid Credit When Every Cent Counts

Picture yourself wandering through the labyrinthine world of financial adulthood. One wrong turn, and you might find yourself trapped in the debt-scape, a barren land where opportunities seem forever out of reach. You need more than just a ball of yarn to find your way. Your credit score—those three little digits—functions as a kind of … Read more

What does Financial Infidelity Mean?

Focus on stressed angry young couple sitting separate on couch. Unhappy marriage after argue quarrel between spouses

In love and relationships, trust is the music that guides the rhythm and flow. It’s the unspoken understanding that two partners are working in harmony, aligning their steps, and moving towards shared goals. But what happens when the music falters, and a partner strays from the agreed-upon path? In the realm of money management, this … Read more

The Case for Open Salary Disclosure

getting salary in envelope at office

In the convoluted landscape of modern business, salary negotiations and compensations are often shrouded in secrecy, treated almost as taboos. While some argue that keeping salaries under wraps protects individual privacy, a growing movement pushes for open salary disclosure as a pathway to equity and fairness. As a financial psychologist who often delves into the … Read more

Aristotle’s Currency: Money as a Social Connector

aristotle thinks about money

Money: it’s a concept that transcends time, location, and culture. The understanding of money as a “substitute for need,” articulated by Aristotle, reaches far beyond the marbled streets of ancient Athens. From simple trade to global economics, the philosopher’s vision of money as a social bond offers profound insights into our modern financial lives. In … Read more

Six Tips to Overcoming Money Avoidance

The cheer and fervor of the holiday season often leave us with a sobering aftermath: the daunting task of paying off accumulated debt. Recent data indicates that nearly half of all American consumers accumulated debt during the festive period, with an average expenditure nearing a thousand dollars. Not surprisingly, this often results in a surge … Read more

Avoiding Financial Scams Online

financial scams

In the ever-evolving digital world, where our financial transactions have significantly migrated online, the threat of falling victim to financial scams is very real. Online scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often appearing legitimate to the untrained eye. This article aims to arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to protect your financial resources from … Read more

Is Legal Insurance Worth Your Money?

legal insurance

In an increasingly complex legal landscape, many individuals find themselves needing legal advice or representation. To meet this need, some employers offer legal insurance as part of their benefits packages. But is legal insurance really worth the expense? This article will delve into what legal insurance covers, its limitations, and the factors you should consider … Read more