Unlocking Creativity in the Classroom

Explore the transformative role of the Atelierista in Reggio Emilia primary schools, where creativity meets education to cultivate a thriving environment for young learners.

Promoting Financial Literacy in the Trans Community

In a world where financial literacy is key to empowerment, the trans community often faces unique challenges and barriers. From navigating name changes on legal documents to dealing with employment discrimination, the path to economic equity for trans individuals can be fraught with obstacles. Yet, financial literacy is a powerful tool in our arsenal – … Read more

How Do I Improve My Personal Finance Skills?

learn personal finance skills

Improving your personal finance skills is a valuable goal, and it can be achieved through a combination of education, practical experience, and discipline. Here are some steps and strategies to help you enhance your personal finance skills: Remember, improving your financial skills is a journey, not a destination. It takes time, effort, and continuous learning, … Read more

The Changing Role of Wealth for Millennials

The way money is handled and passed down has seen significant social changes over the past few generations, reflecting broader shifts in values, technology, and economic landscapes. Traditionally, wealth transfer was straightforward, often staying within the family through inheritances and estates. However, recent generations have witnessed a shift towards more diverse and complex methods of … Read more

Building Your Financial Confidence

person reading a book about fundamentals of financial planning

In a world where financial decisions shape our daily lives, confidence in financial literacy is more than just a skill—it’s an essential component of empowerment. Yet, for many, the realm of finance seems shrouded in complexity and jargon, leading to a sense of apprehension rather than control. This blog post is dedicated to demystifying the … Read more

Should Kids Manage Their College Funds?

group of multiethnic students with books and documents

As the landscape of higher education funding grows increasingly complex, parents and guardians are faced with myriad decisions. One particularly daunting question that’s surfaced in recent times is whether or not to let young adults manage their own college funds. Trusting a teenager or young adult with what might be a significant amount of money … Read more

Financial Aid Opportunities for Former Foster Children in Missouri

foster children financial assistance options

For many, the transition from childhood to adulthood is a challenge, dotted with financial obstacles and the quest for independence. But for those who have aged out of the foster care system, these challenges can be amplified. These resilient young adults often find themselves without the foundational support system that many of their peers possess, … Read more

Cryptocurrency and Cybersecurity at School

learning cryptocurrency at schol

In a bustling elementary school classroom, 10-year-old Mia excitedly shares how she earned her first digital coin in an online game. Across the room, Leo talks about a new app his parents installed that secures their home devices. The digital realm is no longer a distant world reserved for tech-savvy adults; it’s a playground where … Read more

A Student Loan Guide for Gen Z

sad genz is sad

The Gen Z cohort is coming of age and stepping into the realm of higher education, and for many, this means encountering the complex world of student loans. With the total U.S. student loan debt exceeding $1.7 trillion, it’s clear that student loans are a significant part of many individuals’ financial lives. Therefore, it is … Read more

How Student Loan Debt Is Hurting The Young

burden of student loan debt

Student loans – a term that resonates with the majority of young individuals seeking to better their futures through education. However, with tuition fees escalating year after year, a significant number of students find themselves in a financial quagmire. This article delves into how student loan debt is affecting the financial future of individuals and … Read more