What You Need to Know About NEO

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NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that was founded in 2014. Here are some key things to know about NEO: NEO aims to be a regulated, scalable platform for next-generation financial applications using blockchain technology. Its vision of an integrated smart economy sets it apart from other blockchain projects. Frequently Asked Questions About NEO … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is Changing How We Manage Money

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AI has revolutionized personal finance, offering smarter, personalized budgeting tools and optimized investment strategies. Robo-advisors use AI to automate investment management, making it accessible and cost-effective. AI also enhances security by detecting and preventing fraudulent activity. While promising, AI integration raises concerns about data privacy and biases, and experts anticipate its continued transformative impact.

Six Cryptocurrency Coins to Watch

The cryptocurrency market features six noteworthy coins: Pirate Chain for privacy, Chainlink for oracles, NEO for dApps, Tether for stability, Avalanche for high throughput, and Polygon for Ethereum scaling. These coins cater to diverse needs within the crypto ecosystem, reflecting the market’s rapid expansion and innovation.

How to Avoid Online Scams

Shot of an unrecognisable hacker using a laptop to hack into a credit account.

As our lives become increasingly digital, the opportunity for cybercriminals to infiltrate our financial security also grows. Online scams can take many forms – from phishing emails to fraudulent websites. Protecting your finances in this virtual landscape requires vigilance, knowledge, and proactive measures. In this article, we’ll discuss some effective strategies to help you avoid … Read more

Avoiding Scams on Facebook

In today’s connected world, Facebook serves as a platform for socializing, networking, and even business. But amidst the friend requests and marketplace deals lurk scams that prey on the unsuspecting. The ingenuity of these scams has evolved, making them harder to spot and easier to fall for. This guide aims to arm you with the … Read more

How To Avoid Online Scams

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In our rapidly advancing digital age, the convenience of online interactions is tempered by the dark underbelly of scams and fraudulent schemes. With swindlers lurking in the corners of our interconnected world, avoiding online scams has become akin to a sophisticated dance—one requiring awareness, agility, and discernment. This article will waltz you through the labyrinth … Read more

The Google Voice Scam on Facebook Marketplace

Elderly woman browsing social media content using laptop on desk holding a coffee cup. Old retired woman at night spending her time by working or study on laptop

In an age where digital marketplaces have become the go-to for buying and selling goods, scams have inevitably evolved to exploit the unwary. A particularly insidious example emerged recently—a scam involving Google Voice and Facebook Marketplace that has caught many an unsuspecting seller off guard. Here’s an inside look at this clever deception and what … Read more

The Resurgence of ’90s Cyberculture

We were explorers then, pioneers of a digital frontier. The early ’90s were days of discovery, a time when the World Wide Web was more a cobweb of disjointed networks rather than the information superhighway it is today. With the charm of dial-up modems and the screech of connection, the internet was a nascent, untamed … Read more

Avoiding Financial Scams Online

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In the ever-evolving digital world, where our financial transactions have significantly migrated online, the threat of falling victim to financial scams is very real. Online scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often appearing legitimate to the untrained eye. This article aims to arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to protect your financial resources from … Read more

Teaching Kids About Cybersecurity

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In today’s technologically driven world, children are growing up with devices in their hands. While the internet has opened up a plethora of educational and entertainment options for kids, it has also exposed them to various cybersecurity risks. As parents, guardians, and educators, it is our responsibility to teach the next generation about the importance … Read more

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft on Social Media

Using Social Media securely

In the digital age, social media platforms have become a central part of our daily lives. We use them to connect with friends, share experiences, and stay updated on news and events. However, with the convenience and connectedness that social media offers, it also poses risks to our personal security, particularly identity theft. In this … Read more

Traveling Securely: Protect Your Identity and Data on the Go

Traveling can be a thrilling experience. However, as you relish the joy of exploring new places, it is essential to stay vigilant and protect your identity and data. With the rise in digital footprints, travelers are often targets for data breaches and identity theft. I’m on my way to Florida this weekend to celebrate my … Read more

The Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

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Phishing attacks are one of the most common and dangerous types of cyber threats that can lead to identity theft, financial loss, and unauthorized data access. The term “phishing” is derived from the word “fishing” as it is akin to throwing a baited hook out there and hoping someone bites. In this post, we will … Read more

Understanding and Investing in Tech Stocks

Technology has undoubtedly changed the world we live in, and the speed at which it continues to advance is staggering. As a result, tech stocks have become a popular investment choice, known for their high growth potential. However, the tech industry is a broad field with various sub-sectors, each with its unique dynamics and jargon. … Read more

Learning How To Trade Cryptocurrency

Welcome to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading! Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that has taken the world by storm in the past few years, and it offers a unique opportunity for savvy investors to turn a profit. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of getting started in crypto trading, … Read more

Decoding Digital Wallets: How They Work and Why You Need One

In the world of tap-and-go transactions, where physical cash is increasingly viewed as a relic of the past, digital wallets have become a handy tool for managing our everyday expenses. Gone are the days when forgetting your wallet at home could ruin your plans. Now, all you need is your smartphone – your mobile device … Read more

Securing Yourself from Identity Theft

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In an increasingly digital world, securing your personal information has never been more critical. Identity theft, where criminals steal your personal data to commit fraud, has become a prevalent issue. It can lead to devastating consequences, including credit damage, loss of funds, and even legal problems. Before we dive into protective measures, it’s crucial to … Read more