Bohemian Strings: The First Sales

Portrait of artisanal jeweler with tattoos working on art piece at wooden table

As Julie’s online store went live, she was a bundle of nerves and excitement. Her phone buzzed non-stop with notifications of followers engaging with her posts, friends and family congratulating her, and, thrillingly, orders being placed. In this installment, we accompany Julie as she navigates the rush of her first sales, tackles fulfillment challenges, and … Read more

Bohemian Strings: Setting Up Shop

In the previous parts of this series, we followed Julie’s inspiring journey from discovering her passion for jewelry making to laying the groundwork for her business. We’ve seen her overcome hurdles, from learning the ins and outs of business planning to creating a captivating portfolio. In Part 3, we’re diving into the exciting phase of … Read more

Bohemian Strings: Laying the Groundwork

Female jeweler at work in jewelery workshop

In the second installment of our five-part series, we join Julie as she moves from dream to action. She is driven by her passion for jewelry-making and the desire to build a better life for herself and her children. This chapter will explore the crucial steps Julie takes in planning, branding, and setting the groundwork … Read more

Bohemian Strings: From Dream to Reality

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In the first installment of our five-part series, we venture into the early days of Julie’s journey. As we turn back the pages, we’ll witness the formative experiences that shape her passion for jewelry-making and the evolution of her ambitions. As I prepared for my Zoom meeting with Julie Littlebird, I felt a wave of … Read more

Writing a Winning Business Plan

Business team working on writing a business plan

Crafting a business plan is not merely an administrative hurdle to cross; it is an essential step in laying the groundwork for your entrepreneurial vision.

Financial Help for Starting a Business

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Starting a business is an exciting endeavor, but finding the financial help to turn your dream into a reality can be a daunting task. This article will guide you through different sources of financing, how to determine how much money you need, and the trade-offs involved in different types of financing. Assessing Your Financial Needs … Read more

Starting a Business of Your Own

Start your own business easel and entrepreneur.

Lean how to start your own business by following along as Julie turns her dream into reality

Sage: A Seasoned Solution for Today’s Entrepreneurs

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Sage, the clear market leader in integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a British startup in 1981. With an illustrious history that reflects the spirit of entrepreneurship, Sage’s evolution from helping a small print business to being listed on the London Stock Exchange with a … Read more

Sage – Optimizing Financials Worldwide

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As businesses scale, the need for integrated systems that streamline operations becomes paramount. Sage, a market leader in accounting, payroll, and payment systems, excels in this area, providing tools that support businesses in various stages of growth. Founded in 1981 by David Goldman, Sage’s humble beginnings as a small British startup mirror the stories of … Read more