July 2024 Crypto News

Today (July 10, 2024), Bitcoin is at a pivotal point as several factors indicate a continued downside, but bitcoin whales are accumulating at the fastest rate in over a year. Notably, Bitcoin’s price has surged above $60,000, reaching its highest point since 2021, as detailed in an article on CoinDesk.

Additionally, Germany has sold approximately 0.25% of the world’s Bitcoin, causing market jitters, according to Fortune.

During the same time, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin addressed issues and changes within the Ethereum ecosystem at the EthCC conference in Brussels.

Regarding investments in the crypto sector, Bernstein initiated coverage on miners Iris Energy and Core Scientific with outperform ratings, suggesting they could be attractive partners to build Artificial Intelligence data centers.

In the U.S., Trump’s enthusiasm for digital assets might help him win more votes, according to a Paradigm-sponsored poll of Republicans.

Today’s news about crypto scams include reports of fraudulent trading platforms such as Crypto4Winners and Silk Global Holdings, which have led to significant losses for investors. Other cases involve imposter websites, pig butchering scams, and overseas scammers taking billions from Americans every year. The economic times also mention the issue of elder fraud complaints rising and the need for coordinated efforts from private industries and the government to combat this crime wave effectively. In addition, a US district judge has allowed an Australian billionaire to try to prove that Facebook’s negligence in allowing scam crypto ads breached its duty to operate in a commercially reasonable manner.


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