Unspoken Utopia: Non-essential workers in an Age of Enforced Leisure

The dawn of automation and technological advancements has ushered in an age where labor is increasingly delegated to machines, creating a new class labeled as “non-essential workers.” This societal shift, though promising a utopia of leisure and personal fulfillment, has equally delivered a perplexing conundrum. The question echoes, loud and clear: What happens when work, … Read more

Budgeting with Bipolar: Financial Highs and Lows

When it comes to managing finances, individuals with bipolar disorder face unique challenges. Bipolar disorder, characterized by alternating periods of elevated mood (mania) and depression, can significantly impact a person’s ability to make sound financial decisions. During manic phases, an individual might be prone to impulsive spending, taking on debts, or making high-risk investments. On … Read more

How To Make Money with Artificial Intelligence

Father teaches daughter on laptop.

In the digital age, AI is transforming business and creativity. Seven lucrative ways to make money with AI include AI-powered content creation, AI-driven art, AI-powered video storytelling, digital design solutions, AI-driven web design, AI in audio content, and AI-crafted online courses. Embracing AI’s potential for profit requires differentiation and commitment to quality.

Rethinking Homeownership

In the tapestry of the American Dream, homeownership has always been a central thread, woven deeply into the societal fabric. It’s a symbol of success, stability, and a piece of the proverbial ‘pie.’ But as times evolve, so do perspectives. The once-unquestioned aspiration for owning a home now faces scrutiny, not just for its financial … Read more

The Heart of Money: An Insight into Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is like the vibrant underpainting of a traditional economic canvas. It adds depth and color to the otherwise black-and-white world of traditional economics, painting a more holistic and realistic picture of how we make financial decisions. Simply put, behavioral economics is the study of psychology as it relates to the economic decision-making processes … Read more

How to Rebuild Your Credit Score from Scratch

watch your credit score

Credit: a five-letter word that carries immense weight in our financial lives. A good credit score opens doors to opportunities – from securing a mortgage to getting a favorable loan rate. But what happens when your credit score is less than ideal? Whether it’s due to past financial mistakes, unexpected hardships, or simply a lack … Read more

How to Communicate About Finances With Your Loved Ones

financial communications

In our journey through life, one of the most complex and often uncharted territories is that of financial communication with our loved ones. Money, an entity so deeply intertwined with our emotions, dreams, and fears, often becomes a source of tension in relationships. But why is talking about finances so fraught with difficulty? It’s not … Read more

Overcoming Investment Anxiety

couple feeling anxiety about money

Money, for many, is not just a physical entity but an emotional construct, woven with dreams, aspirations, and, quite often, fears. In the landscape of personal finance, investment becomes a peak often admired from afar but seldom scaled. The paradox here is profound: people yearn for the growth that investment can bring, yet they remain … Read more

The Unique Financial Challenges of Generation X

As a member of Generation X, the “sandwich generation,” I can attest to the unique financial challenges we face. We are often balancing the costs of raising children, supporting aging parents, and planning for our own retirement. Our financial responsibilities seem to pull us in multiple directions, making financial wellness feel like an elusive goal. … Read more

Parenting on a Budget: My Journey as a Single Mom

Mother and daughter celebrating Christmas eating a cupcake

As I sit here today, a certified financial psychologist, author, and advocate for financial wellness, I can’t help but reflect on the winding road that brought me here. It’s a journey punctuated by highs and lows, moments of despair, and flickers of hope. But there’s one aspect of this journey that profoundly shaped who I … Read more

Building Your Financial Confidence

person reading a book about fundamentals of financial planning

In a world where financial decisions shape our daily lives, confidence in financial literacy is more than just a skill—it’s an essential component of empowerment. Yet, for many, the realm of finance seems shrouded in complexity and jargon, leading to a sense of apprehension rather than control. This blog post is dedicated to demystifying the … Read more

Steering Clear of Pyramid Schemes

In a world where entrepreneurial ventures and side hustles are increasingly glorified, multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes often masquerade as legitimate business opportunities. They lure in individuals with promises of financial freedom, flexible working hours, and the allure of being one’s own boss. However, beneath the surface of these enticing offers often lie manipulative tactics and … Read more

Practical Advice for Choosing a Lawyer

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The legal landscape can often seem like a labyrinth: complex, intimidating, and fraught with critical decisions at every turn. At the center lies the quest for a steadfast advocate – a lawyer. Whether you’re dealing with a business dispute, estate planning, or a personal matter, selecting the right attorney is pivotal to navigating the corridors … Read more

Money Lessons from Your First Job

learning on the job

We’ve all been there – the initial thrill of landing our very first job. For many, it’s a rite of passage, a step into adulthood and financial independence. But beyond the paychecks and newfound responsibilities, there’s an entire curriculum of life and money lessons waiting to be discovered. This article dives deep into the vital … Read more