The Myth of Plastic Recycling

In our shared cabin tucked amidst the redwoods of Northern California, my community and I take recycling seriously. We separate plastics from metals, papers from food scraps. It’s a dance of environmental responsibility that we’ve perfected over years, fueled by the promise that we’re contributing to a greener Earth. But that belief is now tinged … Read more

What does Financial Infidelity Mean?

Focus on stressed angry young couple sitting separate on couch. Unhappy marriage after argue quarrel between spouses

In love and relationships, trust is the music that guides the rhythm and flow. It’s the unspoken understanding that two partners are working in harmony, aligning their steps, and moving towards shared goals. But what happens when the music falters, and a partner strays from the agreed-upon path? In the realm of money management, this … Read more

Introduction to Ecstatic Dance

In a world where many of us lead increasingly sedentary lives, tied to our screens and confined by routines, the primal joy of movement can feel like a lost art. Ecstatic Dance offers a rediscovery of that joy, a chance to reconnect with our bodies, minds, and emotions through the unbridled power of dance. But … Read more

The Intersection of Crypto and Social Justice

daddy's social justice warriors

In the bustling digital bazaars of the 21st century, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an enigmatic, electrifying presence. They are the wild stallions of the financial world, disruptive and untamed. But beyond the allure of their digital gold rush, beyond the glittering dreams of Bitcoin billionaires, lies a less celebrated but equally powerful narrative – the … Read more