Late Stage Capitalism’s Wounds

the misery of late stage capitalism

We live in an era characterized by unprecedented wealth, technological marvels, and global connectivity. Yet, beneath this gilded facade lies a system marked by stark inequalities, environmental degradation, and pervasive discontent. Dubbed ‘late stage capitalism,’ this phase of our economic evolution seems to magnify capitalism’s inherent flaws, with many pointing towards socialism as a potential … Read more

The Environmental Cost of Your Investments

agriculture alternative energy clouds countryside

In the modern age of information, the financial world is no longer just about figures and bottom lines. As the ramifications of climate change grow clearer with each passing day, a pertinent question arises: how does your investment portfolio impact the environment? Gone are the days when investments were solely gauged by their monetary returns. … Read more

The Environmental Cost of Your Investments

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the impact of our everyday decisions—what we eat, drive, and even wear—has never been more scrutinized. But there’s another significant player in this equation, often overlooked: our investments. With vast sums of money circulating the global markets, investment choices can either propel or hinder sustainable development. Drawing from … Read more

Surviving the Gig Economy

In today’s fast-paced, digital-driven world, traditional 9-to-5 jobs are no longer the sole breadwinners. The gig economy, characterized by flexible, temporary, or freelance jobs, is burgeoning. While it offers unparalleled freedom and the allure of being your own boss, it also brings a unique set of financial challenges. How does one navigate the unpredictable waters … Read more

How Minimalism Can Fatten Your Wallet

woman in red blazer lying on a couch

The current era’s never-ending cacophony of consumerism can be as tempting as the Sirens to Odysseus, luring us into a rocky relationship with our finances. It’s ironic how the relentless pursuit of “more” often leads us to “less” in our bank accounts. But what if the antidote to this ailment is paradoxically simple? That’s right, … Read more

Dealing With Inflation

blue green and black hot air balloon

When it comes to financial planning, “change” is the only constant, but the incessant change in prices that we call inflation can make your dollars seem like confetti—colorful but lacking substance. Leaning on my background at Goldman Sachs and my experience as a Portfolio Manager, I’ll take you through some insightful strategies to not just … Read more

Love and Money: Financial Discussions with Your Partner

It’s often said that love and money are the two most debated topics around the world. When intertwined in a relationship, they can either lay the foundation for mutual growth or become a point of contention. Financial disagreements can bring underlying fears and insecurities to the forefront, muddying the waters of even the most harmonious … Read more

Investment Strategies for a Changing World

In the echoing chambers of Wall Street, where the ebb and flow of the market are often compared to the predictable tides of an ocean, change is the only constant. From the bustling trading floors of Goldman Sachs to quiet decision-making rooms of elite portfolio managers, every financier worth their salt knows that the art … Read more

The Gen Z Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ryleigh Ramey, co-owner of Tanglefoot Creamery, prepares Fruity Pebbles rolled ice cream at her store in Festus

In an age where many young adults fantasize about their first set of wheels or the allure of tattoos, Ryleigh Ramey of Festus has always been fueled by a different passion. Her aspiration? Carving out her entrepreneurial path. Thus emerged Tanglefoot Creamery, the only destination in Festus for the delight of rolled ice cream. Although … Read more

LGBTQ+ Financial Inclusion: Beyond the Rainbow

In a world that’s progressively accepting diverse identities and orientations, one might wonder: Are we doing enough to make sure that acceptance translates to every facet of life? Especially in sectors like finance where traditionally, only a few voices were heard? As an individual deeply rooted in finance and wealth management, I, Anika Patel, intend … Read more

Postpaid, Prepaid, Resold – Which Should You Choose?

Deciding between postpaid, prepaid, or resold mobile services can be tricky. Each option offers its unique perks and potential drawbacks, and your choice largely depends on your usage patterns, budget, and desired customer service experience. The Postpaid Advantage If you desire unlimited calls, texts, superior customer service, and the option to finance your phone through … Read more