5 Quick Hacks To Trim Your Spending

Here are 5 quick hacks to trim your budget this month:

  1. Review your subscription services. Go through all your monthly subscriptions like streaming services, monthly boxes/deliveries, gym memberships, etc. and cut out any you aren’t really using or getting value from. Even cutting out a few $10/month subscriptions can add up.
  2. Meal plan and shop bulk. Take some time to really plan out your meals for the next few weeks and make a grocery list accordingly. Stick to that list when shopping and buy ingredients in bulk when you can to save money. Planning ahead helps you save money and reduce food waste.
  3. DIY inexpensive gifts if needed. If you’ll need gifts this month for birthdays, holidays or other occasions, challenge yourself to make them instead of buying them. Homemade baked goods, handmade cards or inexpensive homemade bath products often impress more than an impulse buy gift anyway.
  4. Have a no-spend challenge. Commit to a no-spend challenge for a set period of time whether it’s a weekend or a whole week. See how much you can limit non-essential spending when you really try. It can be eye opening just how much incidental or discretionary spending adds up.
  5. Slash a key area. Look at one of your more costly monthly expense categories like dining out, entertainment, shopping etc. and commit to slashing it dramatically for the month. Can you spend 50% less on restaurants? Only shop from what you already have for a month? Getting spending way down in one key area can make a big dent.

Even small tweaks like these add up over a month and help you rein in your budget. Give some a try this month!


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