How State Governments Complicate Aid Applications

For many, government aid provides a lifeline—a safety net during challenging times. But as numerous citizens have found, securing that aid can often feel like navigating a maze, blindfolded and without a guide. While it’s tempting to attribute the complexities of these processes to bureaucratic inefficiencies or outdated systems, a deeper look suggests that the … Read more

How To Show Encouragement To Others?

In a world driven by ambition, competition, and constant flux, we often overlook a simple yet profound act – offering encouragement. While the importance of technical skills, knowledge, and practicality cannot be denied, the potency of a kind word or a supportive gesture remains unmatched. Drawing from my background in financial psychology and personal experiences, … Read more

How To Make Money with AI

Father teaches daughter on laptop.

In the era of digitization, AI isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a revolutionary tool that’s reshaping the way we perceive business and creativity. Dive into the evolving landscape of income generation by tapping into the multifaceted applications of artificial intelligence. Here are seven ways to make money with Artificial Intelligence! 1. Transcending Traditional Writing with … Read more

Introducing Your Kids to the World of Cryptocurrency

Father teaches little son to drive

Cryptocurrency, once a term relegated to tech circles and financial enthusiasts, has found its way into mainstream conversation. With the digital age in full swing, today’s children are set to inherit a world where virtual currencies might be as common as traditional fiat money. As parents and guardians, paving the way for financial literacy in … Read more

How High Interest Rates Impact the Housing Market

In the ebb and flow of economic landscapes, few things capture attention quite like interest rates. These seemingly small percentages wield significant influence, rippling across various sectors of the economy. And one domain that feels this sway prominently is the housing market. For anyone who has dreamt of a white picket fence or envisaged a … Read more

Love and Money: Financial Discussions with Your Partner

It’s often said that love and money are the two most debated topics around the world. When intertwined in a relationship, they can either lay the foundation for mutual growth or become a point of contention. Financial disagreements can bring underlying fears and insecurities to the forefront, muddying the waters of even the most harmonious … Read more

How to Right Generational Money Beliefs

Whispered words from grandparents, off-handed comments from parents, the barely audible sighs during bill-paying nights—generations past unknowingly impart their financial lessons in these fleeting moments. While some of these lessons serve as sturdy stepping stones, others might feel more like stumbling blocks. Many of us have inherited a tapestry of generational money beliefs, woven with … Read more

The Gen Z Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ryleigh Ramey, co-owner of Tanglefoot Creamery, prepares Fruity Pebbles rolled ice cream at her store in Festus

In an age where many young adults fantasize about their first set of wheels or the allure of tattoos, Ryleigh Ramey of Festus has always been fueled by a different passion. Her aspiration? Carving out her entrepreneurial path. Thus emerged Tanglefoot Creamery, the only destination in Festus for the delight of rolled ice cream. Although … Read more

LGBTQ+ Financial Inclusion: Beyond the Rainbow

In a world that’s progressively accepting diverse identities and orientations, one might wonder: Are we doing enough to make sure that acceptance translates to every facet of life? Especially in sectors like finance where traditionally, only a few voices were heard? As an individual deeply rooted in finance and wealth management, I, Anika Patel, intend … Read more

Building Solid Credit When Every Cent Counts

Picture yourself wandering through the labyrinthine world of financial adulthood. One wrong turn, and you might find yourself trapped in the debt-scape, a barren land where opportunities seem forever out of reach. You need more than just a ball of yarn to find your way. Your credit score—those three little digits—functions as a kind of … Read more

The Myth of Plastic Recycling

In our shared cabin tucked amidst the redwoods of Northern California, my community and I take recycling seriously. We separate plastics from metals, papers from food scraps. It’s a dance of environmental responsibility that we’ve perfected over years, fueled by the promise that we’re contributing to a greener Earth. But that belief is now tinged … Read more

What is your Biggest Personal Finance Problem?

We asked our readers to suggest the biggest personal finance issues they face. Here are some of the comments: “I completely understand the struggle of managing personal finances. With rising prices and stagnant incomes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet. One of the biggest problems I face is budgeting. Despite my best efforts, … Read more